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So that the fuel can be conveyed into the combustion chamber of the car, so-called injectors or injection nozzles are used in the engines. These are located directly in front of the intake system of the engine and should be accurately adjusted so that the engine performance of the car can be kept within the ideal range.

Injectors - function and installation

In the individual gasoline engines, the individual injection valves, which are equipped with a magnet, are electrically controlled.

Once the injectors are defective and no longer work properly, they cannot atomize the fuel in the optimal dose. This means that the engine starts rapping. So more fuel is burned as atomized. In addition, scuffing can occur when the valves are aimed at the cylindrical wall and therefore the lubricating film is washed off. In addition, the piston can burn, which can be a result of overheating. Once the combustion stops working properly, makes this among others with various motor noise noticeable. If a defect occurs, you should immediately consult a workshop to fix it or replace with a spare part, which can be ordered as factory replacement part affordably online in this section. All factory replacement parts from this online shop are completely identical to the original parts of the respective manufacturers.

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