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By law wiper blades must be manufactured in such a way to ensure safety and adequate visibility, taking into account safety during different driving situations. The wiper blades remove dirt, rain and snow from the windshield. The area covered by the wiper blades must meet the legal requirement for sufficient all-round vision. This will ensure optimal visibility to be able to see road signs, traffic lights and the area up to the edge of the road. The standards for wiper blades are high, as they are subject to all environmental influences in addition to mechanical stress.

Up until now, wiper blades were equipped with clips with attached claws that were joined to the metal wiper blade arm. The new wiper blades do not have the metal arm anymore. Therefore in the winter the wiper blades are better protected from freezing. The current trend is the use of jointless wiper blades. Two spring loaded pre-bent strips are adapted specifically to the individual curves of a windshield, allowing them to distribute equal force to the rubber edge of the wiper blade. This improves the wiping process and minimizes the wear of the wiper blades. The rubber of the wiper blade is the most important part of the wiper blades. The micro double edge touches the window and has a width of 0.01-0.015 mm.

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