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The fuel pump belongs to the fuel system of a car.

As the name suggests, the task of the fuel pump is to transport the fuel from the fuel tank to the injection system. The transport takes place in a certain amount and a concerted pressure. The fuel pump is today, in contrast to earlier, in the tank of the car and works electrically.

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Even though it is about a very small car segment, the fuel pump must still meet most important functions. The task of the fuel pump is to supply enough fuel to the engine so that no damage is caused. It is clear that the engines run dry without fuel. Although a fuel pump has a runtime of 5000-10000 hours, it may come from time to time to the defect and thus the failure of this pump again. This makes, for example, by loud noises or by difficulties in the warm start noticeable.

The fuel, which is pumped by the fuel pump at the same time causes a lubrication and cooling of the pump. Also the fuel pump is available in different versions. What is the right pump depends on both the vehicle model and the type of fuel. In this section you will definitely find the right pump for your requirements at a great price.

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