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Shock absorbers are part of the suspension. They are an important component to reduce and dampen the vibrations of the vehicle springs. Springs and shock absorbers are the connecting link between the suspension and the chassis, and compensate for road bumps. Vibrations emanating from the wheel, are about ten times as strong as the vibrations of the chassis. In principle, the shock absorbers are energy converters, because they convert the kinetic energy of the spring into heat via fluid friction. The piston is moved up and down in an oil-filled container. Thereby the movement of the damper piston is being slowed down tremendously, to reduce the vibration of the spring. Depending on the condition of the road, the speed and the temperature can heat up the shock absorbers to a maximum of 120 degrees.

Gas charged shock absorbers

Many modern cars, which are produced on a large scale, are equipped with gas charged shock absorbers. These shock absorbers are precisely matched to the individual chassis. When the gas charged shock absorber is used, the coil springs have very little internal friction. Therefore preventing the build-up of vibration is of vital importance for safety reasons.  Vehicles produced on a large scale are equipped with gas charged shock absorbers, which can utilize a simple two-pipe technology or an elaborate single-tube design. When using gas charged shock absorbers there are no constant damping force changes. The shock absorber is holding not only oil, but also gas, to keep the oil under pressure. This prevents that the gas molecules are released within the shock absorber oil.

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