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For the internal combustion engine of a vehicle, the optimum lubrication of the engine is very important. For this reason, the amount of oil must match at any time. The dipstick of a vehicle is responsible for measuring the oil level, and is also known as the oil measuring dipstick.

Functions and use of the dipstick

The dipstick is located at the head of the engine. This can be easily pulled out by hand. Whoever wants to read the current oil level, the dipstick must wipe off with a cloth that does not fray, and then completely stuck again in the provided opening.

Now he is pulled out again. On the dipstick are usually two drawings in the form of notches, which you can read both the minimum and the maximum of the oil level. At the point where now the oil is no longer present you will find the current oil level of your car. Depending on how much oil is still present, it must be refilled. It is important to keep in mind before measuring out that the car is stationary j and the engine is just a few minutes no longer in operation, so that the oil could flow back into the oil pan. If you need a new dipstick, you'll find this as factory replacement part in this section, so you can order them online at low prices.

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