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Belts have the function to transfer the forces generated in the cylinder. Each belt has a movable clips, through that belts, like V-belts, ribbed belts and cam belts are securely tensioned. Furthermore, an element is mounted for vibration damping. This is connected via a deflection roller with both the lever and the belt tensioner.

Belt tensioner and its function

The belt tensioner is responsible that the exact and correct voltage is set at the individual belts so that they can provide an ideal and above all reliable transmission of forces. Because only then spreading the vibrations and the power transmission are optimally. What voltage the belt tensioner must adjust depends on the affected vehicle model, so you must strongly follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If the individual belts are too weak or too tight, this may lead to dangerous consequences. So both incorrect settings provide an earlier wear of the concerned belt. To tightly stretched belts can also tear. But even belt tensioner can go defective, but should then be replaced immediately. When purchasing, it is important to make sure that the parts fit together perfectly and fit to the model. Order it in this section, the belt tensioner at low prices.

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