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At the fuel level sensor it is about a very small car part of the fuel system of a car, but that does not make it unimportant.

The fuel level sensor measure inside the tank, how much fuel is left?

You as a driver get this information to the fittings and can read off from the tank display. Some vehicles have two fuel level sensor in which one located on the driver side and the other on the passenger side.

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Fuel level sensor have the important task at any time to inform the driver of the current fuel level in the fuel tank so that it never runs dry and you can recharge timely. Unfortunately, it often happens that the fuel level sensor is defective and either indicates the state incorrectly or not at all. The fuel level sensor on the driver's side is often defect when this indicates doubtful information under half of the tank filling and the fuel level sensor on the passenger side at an incorrect indication above the half of the tank. If you want to change the fuel level sensor, you will find in this category a large selection of different models. The exchange is not easy, due to the fact that the fuel level sensor is in the fuel tank. Like the rest of the products in this online shop, to the fuel level sensor it’s also about quality factory replacement parts that differ in no way from the original part.

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