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The primary task of headlights on cars is to illuminate the roads to ensure safe driving in darkness and conditions of poor visibility. For this reason, the headlights are safety-relevant parts of the cars, and are closely regulated by law. The legislation specifies the location and type of lighting system exactly, including the design, light sources, photometric values and colors. Currently, there are various headlights installed in cars.

a) Full LED headlights
Particularly in the automotive industry full LED headlights prevail more and more. They set themselves apart with significantly better economy and energy efficiency.

b) Halogen headlights
Car headlights that work with H3, HB3, H7 and H9 bulbs, belong to the classics in the field of vehicle lighting. Halogen headlights are still used quite often due to the superior price-performance ratio.

c) Xenon headlights
Compared to a modern H7 bulb, Xenon headlights have two decisive advantages to offer. Not only do Xenon headlights offer twice the light output, they need two-thirds less energy than halogen headlights.

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