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All windshield wipers have a wiper linkage. It does not matter about which wipers are and whether they are mounted to the rear window, the windshield or on the windshield wipers. The wiper linkage is an indispensable part of the car windshield wiper system of any car.

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The wiper linkage has in the system of the windshield cleaning the task to lead the wiper arm reliable. The electric motor determines the individual speeds at which the affected windshields are cleaned. In addition, the wiper linkage has the important function to distribute the pressure of the wiper arm on the windshield exactly and ideal. Only the perfect interplay between all components can ensure that the windshield is clear of snow, dirt and moisture. Even with a heavy weight, such as snow, a windshield wiper must be able to free the windshield from it. This is only possible if all items are made from high quality materials and are therefore especially sturdy. However, since it always comes back to defects of the wiper linkage as well as other parts of the windshield cleanup, you will find this as a reliable and high-quality factory replacement part in this section of this online shop, so you can save money in contrast to buy an original part.

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