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An oil pan is installed in cars with a 4-stroke engine. The oil that is necessary for lubrication and cooling of the vehicle's engine accumulates in the oil pan. The oil pan is installed at the lowest point of the car engine and directly attached to the crankcase. Depending on the design, an oil pan is made of painted galvanized steel, sheet metal or plastic. In addition, the tray is fitted with an exchangeable clipped on metal-elastomer seal. The drain screw integrated into the oil pan also has its own seal.

Tip: When an oil change is done, the oil should be replaced by loosening the drain screw, and the o-ring of the oil drain screw and the oil filter must also be replaced.

Oil pans in modern cars are now multi-functional. Different modules can be integrated into the oil pan, depending on the customer’s wishes or type of engine. This can be an insert to reduce oil movement in the pan, an oil return line or even a filter. For cooling the oil, an oil cooler is integrated in the oil pan of sports vehicles.

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