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In addition to road shocks many forces such as braking forces, driving forces and centrifugal forces act on the vehicle. The vehicle-mounted springs absorb the emerging forces and then convert this into vibration. Through the vehicle springs not only driving comfort, but also the driving safety is increased.

Operation and functions of the spring

The springs take over most of the suspension of a car and have to compensate reliably for irregularities on the road surface. The spring of a vehicle makes dependent on their weight and the so-called sympathetic vibration frequency of the vehicle body vibrations-free. Once you drive over a road bump, get both the wheel and the car body to vibrate. Due to the fact that the wheel moves through the road bump upwards, the spring is tense so that the car body is pushed upwards. Once the springs is defective in a car, the bumps are no longer optimal intercepted so that they are transmitted on both the vehicle and the occupants. They therefore serve not only the driving comfort but also to the safety. In this section you will find different vehicle springs of various manufacturers brands at affordable price. The individual springs are divided into different types of spring. Whether torsion springs, flexible springs, gas springs or tension springs must be installed in the car, depending on the vehicle model.

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