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Air filters are used in automobiles, motorcycles, and all other vehicles. In diesel or gasoline engines alike, it is their task to clean the air intake, before it enters the carburetor or cylinder of the vehicle. The air filter protects the motor from contamination through the air intake while driving. Sometimes the performance and the life of an engine can be increased through the regular replacement of dirty air filters. Through the use of an air filter, the wear of individual components of the engine can be prevented. The air intake is cleaned by the air filter and then enters the combustion chambers of the engine.

Construction of the air filter

The air filter is located in a special housing in the engine compartment. It is composed of fins made of fine materials that catch dirt particles from the air, preventing them from entering the motor. Additionally, a cyclone filter is installed in commercial vehicles. This cyclone filter also supports the air filter by capturing water and dust from the air. This filter is used, especially in dusty regions, to increase the efficiency and the service life of the air filter.

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There are also additional filters within the car that are often neglected during routine maintenance. These filters are used to purify the air within the car. It is a mistake to overlook these filters, since they can contribute to cold symptoms or allergies showing up after the use of the car’s air conditioning system. Should you need a new air filter for your vehicle, then choose our online store as an affordable alternative to various workshop prices for auto parts. Not only is our product range just as extensive as at a normal shop, we also carry equivalent aftermarket parts in addition to original parts of well-known car manufacturers. Equivalent aftermarket parts are a low-cost alternative without any compromise on quality. Extremely fast delivery times are part of the service at our online shop and so are to low prices for high quality spare auto parts.

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