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The wheel bearings ensure stability, provide low friction resistance and can easily be replaced. The wheel bearings guide and support the shafts and axles. As part of the chassis, wheel bearings absorb axial and radial forces, acting in the direction of the longitudinal axis and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, for example when driving through curves. Depending on the circumstances either tapered rollers or ball bearings are used in modern cars.

Rollers in the wheel bearing

Wheel bearings consist of an outer and an inner ring, rollers and a cage, within which the rollers are located. The rollers can have the form of a sphere or a ball. On the tracks of the rings the balls or rollers roll off and transfer the impact of the force onto the bearing from one to the other bearing ring. During the turning of the wheel bearing high friction is generated. Therefore the rollers or balls need to be lubricated with lubricants, grease or lubricating oil. In modern cars, the wheel bearings are filled with grease and therefore generally maintenance-free. Sophisticated and specially designed seals are used to prevent water and dirt from penetrating. Sometimes there are also magnetic pulse generators located in the seals. These produce the speed signal for the ABS-system in the wheel speed sensor.

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The wheel bearings are fundamental for the safety of a car. Therefore they should be immediately replaced in case of damage. In this case, our online shop will be there to assist you. You can choose between buying original parts of the automaker or equivalent aftermarket parts from us. We always guarantee high-quality spare parts, a top price-performance-ratio and fast delivery times.

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