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The washer fluid jets distribute washer fluid onto the windshield, rear window or the headlights of a car, to remove dirt. The washer fluid pump transports the washer fluid through the hoses to the jets using pressure, and the fluid gets distributed with the pressure that remains at the end of the hose lines. The washer jets are protected by a rubber button. Because the opening is very small, the washer nozzle can clog up quickly. To ensure the flow of water, the washer nozzle can be cleaned from dirt and debris with a thin wire.

Heated washer jets

If no washer fluid comes out of the washer jets, it could be clogged or frozen. Another reason could be that the tank is empty. Nowadays there are also heated washer jets, which are automatically activated via a sensor. Sometimes, it can happen that the washer jets spray the water in the wrong direction. Then they need to be adjusted.

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