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The brake hose is essential for the function of the car brake. The hose is a flexible connection between the wheel brakes and the brake pipes. Through the brake hoses the hydraulic pressure is transferred to the brake calipers and wheel cylinders. Brake hoses consist of a special exterior and interior rubber, in between which a multilayer braided insert can be found.Some brake hoses are coated with a steel mesh. This type of brake hose typically provides you with a considerably longer service life. When brake pressure is applied to these stainless steel lines, they swell significantly less due to their construction. Another positive aspect is that with stainless steel braided brake hoses, the pressure point on the brake pedal is precise, greatly improving braking force application. Buy brake hoses at low cost - we ensure a high level of qualityWhether you choose stainless steel braided brake hoses or normal brake hoses without steel braid, in our online shop, you will get the correct brake hoses to fit your kind of car. We carry the original parts for the brand of your car as well as equivalent aftermarket parts at an affordable price. On top of the high quality of our spare car parts and a first-class price-performance ratio, we inspire our clients with nothing but extremely fast delivery times.

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