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The brake caliper is an important part of the disc brake. It is used to capture and guide the brake pads. The brake caliper helps to convert the hydraulic pressure into mechanical force. The conversion is done by using one or more pistons that press the brake pads onto the brake disc. A brake caliper is installed left and right on the front wheels in the area of the front axle of a car. Should a car also have disc brakes at the rear wheels, two calipers should be integrated there as well.

How the brake caliper works

When a driver steps on the brake pedal an overpressure is created in the hydraulic system. This pressure is transmitted to the brake calipers via the brake lines. The caliper pistons become active, causing the pushing of the brake pads against the brake discs. This increases the friction of the brake and the car is slowed down or comes to a stop. The overpressure inside the hydraulic system drops again, as soon as the foot of the driver leaves the brake pedal of the car. The caliper pistons will be brought back into their original position via a spring and the brake disc now rotates freely again without any resistance.

In most cars a floating caliper is used. With a floating caliper, the pistons only press on the inner brake pad, to push it onto the brake disc. The outer side of the floating caliper is pushed onto the brake disc with the same force as the reaction force of the floating brake caliper. The brake caliper is not only a part of the braking system for active braking in a vehicle, but also assumes the function of a parking brake.

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