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The brake drum in connection with the brake shoe is the most important base for the function of the cars drum brakes. Both form a so-called friction pair, slowing down the rotation of the wheel. In addition, absorption and dissipation of heat generated by braking is done by the brake drum. The function of the brake drum is very important, since with rising temperatures the friction between the brake pads and the brake drum lessens, which also decreases the braking effect (fading).

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To ensure perfect braking under all load conditions, brake drums were designed to be stable and sufficiently large to handle increased friction temperatures. The diameter of the drums was designed to allow for maximum expansion that will not exceed a predetermined level, even under high temperatures or under heavy load. This ensures safe and above all reliable braking will be possible at all times. Optimum surface roughness of the drum interior, good thermal conductivity and narrow form and positional tolerances allow for stable friction values and thus reliable and safe braking.

Brake drums are constantly exposed to road dirt, splashing water, salt and other aggressive substances. To prevent premature corrosion of the brake drums, many brand suppliers have started to coat their brake drums with an additional corrosion-resistant coating. Other vehicle models in turn, integrate the brake drums in the wheel bearings. Such sets offer the advantage that the repair costs will be reduced and the work at the workshop will be performed much faster.

Whether you are getting typical brake drums or wheel bearings with integrated brake drums, in our shop you can get spare parts for the brakes of your car at affordable prices. You have questions, no problem, our customer service representatives are always available and guarantee comprehensive advice. In addition, our online shop is known for extremely fast delivery times.

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