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A precise control of the combustion inside the car motor is done by the timing belt. The crankshaft ensures the necessary drive of the timing belt, so that it can control the camshaft, which in turn is responsible for the operation of the intake and exhaust valves. The combustion chamber is supplied with the necessary air-fuel mixture to burn and move the pistons inside the engine via the intake and exhaust valves.

It is important that the control of the intake and exhaust valves functions correctly. Otherwise there would be a misalignment of valves and pistons within the tightly structured combustion chamber. In short, it would come to an engine failure. In addition timing belts are used to drive the water pump, balance shafts and the injection pumps. Newer car models rarely use serpentine belts anymore. The new standard is to use timing chains.

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The timing belt is an interlocking drive element. The transmission of torque takes place directly via its teeth. This has the advantage that car engines with timing belt show a much better engine smoothness. Furthermore, fuel consumption is positively affected by the use of timing belts. This is because significantly less mass needs to be moved. Another plus is that the CO2 emissions for such vehicles are lower.

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