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The wheel arch is located where the car wheel is surrounded by the car body. The wheel arches also belong to the wheel housing. The wheel arch surround the wheel partly, so this has mainly a protective function for the wheel, which consists in stopping dirt and water during the ride so that nothing can get from the bottom in the engine compartment.

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Due to the location of the wheel arch it is heavily used during each trip and is consistently exposed to all weather conditions.

The wheel arch is thus not additionally protected by a car body part. On wet roads and rain the water is pressed from the tire against the wheel arch, so a very strong pressure occurs. For this reason, the individual wheel arches are exclusively made of corrosion-resistant material, yet it always comes back to damage to this car spare part. Whether due to wear or by stone debris and mechanical influences, it always happens that the wheel arch must be replaced. For this, especially the factory replacement parts of this section are suitable, which are identical to the original parts and accurately available for a variety of car models at reasonable prices. So you have the opportunity in this category, to order wheel arches affordable online.

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