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Order affordable shock absorber bearing online

Like the rest of the parts in the car, which are moving, the respective shock absorbers must be firmly fixed and stable.

This is exactly for what the shock absorber bearing are provided. However, if in the shock absorber bearing is too much leeway, the shock absorbers can no longer optimally take up and then absorb the forces.

Shock absorber bearings and their function

Shock absorber bearings are for fastening of the shock absorber very important and should be regularly renewed. Once the forces of the road cannot be absorbed properly, the increase of the vibration continues to impact, so that the chassis and driving comfort are affected. In the worst case it may happen that your car sways so much that you lose control of your vehicle and effective steering is impossible. The more the wear of the shock absorber bearing has progressed, the more your car sways even at slow speeds.

If you wait too long with the renewal of your shock absorber bearing, are consequential damage to the shock absorbers inevitable. In addition, the complete suspension with single wheel bearings and steering are struggling with damages.

By the vibrations on the car additional hoses and bolts can loosen. In this section you will find for the different vehicle models always the matching shock absorber bearings. To the individual products is about factory replacement parts, which are identical to the original parts.

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