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The wiper arm belongs to the windshield cleaning of the car. This system is composed of several smaller car parts in which the wiper arm is the connector between the wiper blade and the windshield wiper motor. The wiper arm is thereby set in motion by the wiper motor. During the movement, the affected area is cleaned by the wiper blades, which lie completely on it.

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The wiper arm has an important role in the windshield cleaning area. Only when all the parts of this system work properly, can be ensured an optimal and safe driving visibility. But not every wiper arm is the same. The individual models are quite "soft" car parts, which have been designed deliberately not too sturdy by the manufacturers. Since the wiper arm can be damaged in a variety of situations, here it is about a wearing part of the car, which is available in different versions in this section of the online store. If the wiper arm is bent or otherwise damaged, it can no longer work properly so your safety may be at risk. When purchasing, it is important to make sure that the wiper arm fits to the car model. For this reason you will find in this category only factory replacement parts, which are identical to the original individual parts of different manufacturer brands.

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