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Deflection Pulley (Guide Pulley) for your vehicle

By the guide pulley is about an important element in the transmission of a car, which reminds of a typical pulley. Each passenger car has several guide pulleys respectively guide roller.

They have for example the task to guide a timing belt safely and reliably and to determine his travel independently.

Function and use of guide pulleys

A change in direction for example can be done using the guide pulleys. It is important however that for the guide pulley a specially designed toothed belt is provided. These two car parts must therefore fit together perfectly, so they cannot be replaced easily and desired. The individual guide pulleys in a car are heavy use on every drive, which means that this is a typical wear part.

In general, these are especially controlled in the workshop when the timing belt needs also to be changed. However, experts advise to always change timing belt and guide pulley together so that both new parts match again perfectly and worn equally. However, the exchange of the guide pulley must not necessarily be carried out in a workshop, even if this requires some experience and skill. In this category of the online shop, you have the possibility to order the guide pulley as factory replacement part affordable online.

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