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The oxygen sensor is important for the emission control within a gas or diesel engine. The sensor measures the remaining oxygen content in the exhaust gas. Using voltage, the values determined are routed directly to the engine control unit. The control unit thereby recognizes the value of the fuel-air mixture. If the mixture is too rich, the control unit ensures a reduction in the amount of fuel within the fuel-air mixture, i.e. with a lean mixture, more fuel is added.

The measurements of the oxygen sensor control unit help to determine the ideal injection quantity which is necessary for the perfect air-fuel ratio. Only then is the ideal prerequisite for the gas treatment within the catalyst a given. Modern vehicles often have a second oxygen sensor incorporated. It works as a kind of diagnostic sensor. It is positioned right after the catalytic converter and checks to see whether the oxygen sensor before the catalytic converter is functioning properly. Should there be differences, they will be compensated automatically by the control unit.

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