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The catalytic converter of the car has an important function, since it eliminates the harmful toxins found in the exhaust gases of the vehicle. This is accomplished via a chemical reaction.

The structure of the catalytic converter

The housing of the catalytic converter is made from stainless steel. Inside, it houses a monolith or megalith depending on the technical design. The converter is either a so-called metal-core converter or ceramic-core converter. The megalith/monolith is interspersed lengthwise with a variety of fine channels. The large surface of the catalytic converter allows it to reach a maximum degree of efficiency. Additionally, the catalytic surface is marked with a very porous layer of rhodium, palladium and platinum, the so-called wash-coat. The porous precious metal alloy is the catalyst of the chemical reaction within the catalytic converter.

EOBD-capable catalytic converters - You get quality in our online shop

Modern catalytic converters which are used cars in EURO 3 and EURO 4 vehicles use a European on-board diagnosis (EOBD-compatible). EOBD-compatible means that monitoring of all emission related components and sensors takes place during the operation of the car. In case of a malfunction, it will be recorded or displayed directly via a warning light on the dashboard inside the vehicle. Regardless, whether you are seeking an EOBD-compatible catalytic converter for a diesel or gas engine, you would want to buy an oxidation catalyst or a 3-way catalytic converter. We carry all types of automotive catalytic converters in our online shop.

In order for us to guarantee our customers a high quality in terms of reliability and a long operating life, we sell original parts of well-known brands, such as VW, Audi, Skoda, Toyota, BMW and more. Of course, you can also buy a low-cost alternative in terms of catalytic converters in form of equivalent aftermarket parts. In addition to low prices, our online shop prides itself above all on fast delivery.

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