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The rear muffler is part of the car exhaust system. It is the mufflers task, to silence loud exhaust noise. This is achieved by reducing the sound energy. The muffler can work in two different ways. The rear muffler functions either based on absorption of sound or reduction of sound through reflecting sound waves.

Both techniques are used by a variety of mufflers to reduce the exhaust noise. This type of muffler is called combination muffler. These normally consist of a variety of different chambers and baffles. Thanks to the back muffler the exhaust noise is reduced down to the legally required level.

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When the muffler shows first signs of damage through corrosion, then it is time to think about the replacement of your cars muffler. Don’t wait until the car is already loud, has less torque and consumes more fuel, since at this point the purchase of a new back muffler cannot be avoided. Take the opportunity to look around in our online shop. Besides original parts from VW, Audi, BMW, Skoda and Opel you will also find equivalent aftermarket parts at absolutely competitive prices. So that we can guarantee our customers consistent quality, we obtain aftermarket parts only from manufacturers with the same quality standards, as the brand-name manufacturers. In addition to low prices, our auto parts online store provides extremely fast delivery times.

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