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The distributor is part of the ignition system in a multi cylinder gasoline engine. The distributor generates the ignition sparks through the ignition circuit breaker. In case of an inductive ignition sensor, the ignition is contactless. The high voltage generated in the ignition coil will be distributed to the spark plugs. In modern engines, neither a distributor nor an inductive ignition sensor are installed, because the electronic ignition systems function without any moving parts.

Function of the Distributor

The distributor cap opens and closes the ignition contacts with each rotation. The number of the ignition cams is the same as the number of cylinders of the engine. The circuit of the ignition coils primary winding is interrupted during the opening of the contacts. Then the magnetic field inside it breaks down, inducing a high voltage in the secondary windings of the ignition coil. The high voltage is then transferred from the ignition coil to the central terminal of the distributor. The distributor rotor on the top of the distributor shaft directs the high voltage onto the terminals of the ignition wires that lead to the spark plugs.

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