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A few years ago the ignition has been replaced by new electronic equipment and is updated. Distribution valve, distributor rotor, ignition distributor are only very rarely to be found the latest car models. In the old cars they are indispensable. The distributor rotor belongs to the ignition system and is located under the engine hood.

Function of distributor rotor

The distributor rotor is located in the upper area of the housing in which the ignition is. This is located on a shaft and rotates there. So that the distributor rotor does not come directly in connection with the distribution valve, is a contact on the tapered side of the distributor rotor. The contact is produced by the sparks flashing. Through the spark with which come regularly into contact, are here very high temperatures which make themselves visible through the black residue. Here, however, threatens to electrostatic discharge. For this reason, an extra protection has been incorporated into the form of an anti-interference-resistance in the distributor rotor, through which the important and necessary high voltage is not affected. The distributor rotor can undisturbed rotate on the shaft and when a contact is made to ensure that the high voltage arises again and again and the ignition is working properly. This online shop offers in this category the individual distributor rotor as structurally identical factory replacement part that you can always order affordably online.

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