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The air conditioning compressor is the supporting element for the function of a car's air conditioning system. The compressor is driven directly by the engine. The purpose of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant in the system under pressure. At this point the low pressure gas is changed to a high pressure gas. The compressor draws in the gaseous refrigerant from the evaporator coils. A so-called pressure drop takes place in the refrigerant. Due to the lower pressure only low temperatures are necessary, so that the refrigerant gas can evaporate. The resulting steam is condensed in the condenser.

During this process, it comes to a warming of the refrigerant gas, which is added to the condenser via the air conditioning lines. In the condenser heat is drawn from the refrigerant, causing the change from a gas to a liquid. Now, the liquid refrigerant cools the interior of the car. Through the warm air inside the car, the refrigerant is reheated and placed in the condenser in a gaseous state. Now the compressor again draws in the refrigerant, it is condensed again and the cycle will be repeated.

The air conditioning compressor - technical data

The air conditioning compressor is mounted directly on the engine block. It is powered via a v-ribbed belt or a pulley. If the air conditioning is turned on, the belt is activated via a magnetic clutch. The climate processor is composed out of different items, like the compressor housing filled with oil, valves and condenser, a pulley with magnetic clutch and the connection pipe. Depending on the car model and manufacturer different types of compressors are used in the air conditioning system.

The different types of air compressors are

- Nutating disc compressor
- Electrical compressors
- Rotary vane compressors
- Reciprocating compressors

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