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A decorative or protective strip is attached to the side of the car is usually made of plastic and has the function to trap smaller shocks, so that no dents and scratches arises on the car. Since the decorative / protective strip has always been approached as a visual disturbing factor, this is now hidden in modern cars and fully omitted from time to time.

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If carelessly opening a door or caused by a wind gust, it can quickly result in contact with adjacent objects or other cars. Due to the fact that the side doors often meet on the obstacles at the same height, the decor / protective strip runs exactly at this point along.

The individual models may vary from the width, which is mainly dependent on the affected car model. If the side door of a car does not have a decor / protective strip, so in a collision result scratches and bumps. The clashes, which must be absorbed by the decorative / protection strip, are so low that this is an automotive part which has in general a very long lifetime. In addition, the individual remarks must not be very thick and wide, so that the visual aspect can also be considered by the designers. In this category of the online store you will find many factory replacement parts from the area decor / protective strips for a variety of car models at very reasonable prices.

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