1. Terms and conditions of sale, delivery, and payment

Vendor and contracting partner

Your contracting partner for all orders made through our website is

Josef-Orlopp-Straße 55
10365 Berlin
Email: [email protected]
Management Board: Dmitri Zadorojnij (CEO), Lennart Schmidt (CFO)
Chair of the Supervisory Board: Alexey Kletenkov
VAT ID no.: DE260634589
Commercial register: District Court of Berlin (Charlottenburg), HRB 247677 B

2. Scope of validity and subject of the contract

2.1. The following General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) apply for account registration and all purchases of goods by the end customer (“you”) in the online shop.

2.2. These GTC exclusively govern the contractual relationship between you and us. Your GTC shall not form an integral part of the contract, even if we do not explicitly object to their inclusion.

2.3. These General Terms and Conditions can be accessed and printed out or downloaded at at any time.

3. Registration

3.1. Registration is required in order to make purchases in the online shop. This can be done during the ordering process, but also independently of an order. After the registration has been completed, we will set up an account for you, which you can use to manage your customer data, such as the address for delivery, yourself.

3.2. Only individuals of legal age with the capacity to enter into contracts (but not, for example, families or couples), legal entities, and business partnerships may register. This requirement also applies to the placing of orders. If a company is registered as a customer, the individual performing the registration guarantees that they are authorised to represent the company.

3.3. When registering your account, you must provide your name, your invoice and delivery address, your phone number, and your email address and choose a password (hereinafter “login data”).

3.4. You submit a binding offer for the conclusion of the contract relating to the account registration by submitting the completed registration form. You will be shown a summary of the data you have entered before the final submission of the registration form. You can correct errors by navigating back to the previous page in the browser and changing your entries.

3.5. After you have completed the registration procedure, we will send you a welcome email. Receipt of this email completes the account registration.

3.6. You guarantee that the information you have provided to us in the context of the registration is true and complete. If you provide incorrect or incomplete information, we are authorised to terminate and delete your account without observing a period of notice. You commit to communicating all future changes to the information provided in the context of your registration without prompting and without delay.

3.7. The account can be terminated in accordance with section 12. Your personal data will then be deleted immediately unless we are allowed to or required to continue to store them due to statutory provisions. More details can be found in our privacy policy.

3.8. Under no circumstances are you authorised to disclose your login data or, in particular, your login password to third parties. In the event that a third party nevertheless obtains access to your account or there are other indications of abuse of your account, you must inform us immediately and change your login data.

3.9. There is no entitlement to register or use the online shop. You are not authorised to register on multiple times.

4. Concluding a purchase contract

4.1. Contracts for purchasing products are concluded as follows:

4.1.1. In order to commence the ordering process, you are required to first place the article you would like to purchase into the shopping basket by clicking the relevant button.

4.1.2. Before the order for the contents of the shopping basket is finally submitted, all the contents of the order are displayed once again. You can then change your order again. We save your orders after the contract is concluded but it is no longer possible for you to access them. Please check your order carefully before clicking on the "Confirm order" button.

4.1.3. In the case of payment methods that are not associated with immediate payment on your part, you make a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract by clicking the "Confirm order" button in the shopping basket window screen. The placing of products in the online shop is not a binding offer to conclude a contract. We will confirm receipt of the order by email. The confirmation email does not yet mean that we have accepted your offer. The purchase contract is concluded only when shipment of the goods is confirmed. If you pay for the order placed by making an (electronic) SEPA credit transfer of the purchase price to our bank account (payment option "Vorkasse" ["Prepayment"]), only the email confirmation of the order is deemed to be our declaration of acceptance of the order, not our confirmation of the shipment.

4.1.4. In the case of payment methods that are associated with immediate payment on your part (such as PayPal,, etc.), the placing of the products on constitutes an offer by us. You can accept this offer to conclude a purchase contract by clicking the "Confirm order" button in the shopping basket screen.

4.2. You can print out your order data immediately after you submit your order. If you wish to inspect the documents concerning your order again, please contact us by email or telephone. We will be happy to send you a copy of these data.

4.3. Orders can be changed before they leave our warehouse or before they are handed over to a freight forwarder, i.e. before we issue a shipment number and confirm shipment of the goods by email. This does not affect your statutory guarantee rights or your cancellation rights.

4.4. We also reserve the right to cancel the contract if the goods are not available from a reliable, carefully-selected supplier for reasons for which we are not culpably responsible (reservation of self-delivery). In such cases, we will undertake to inform you immediately that the goods are not available and reimburse any payment made.

5. Core parts

5.1. Core parts are goods on which a deposit (core charge) has been imposed in the ordering information, e.g. alternators, which you are required to pay additionally when purchasing. After receiving a core part, please send us the complete old part from your car back to us and give us your bank account details so that the deposit can be repaid to you. Old car parts must be sent back to us at your expense.

5.2. Please make sure that brake callipers, servo pumps, and other power steering parts have been completely emptied of fluid. The old parts must be able to be remanufactured and must not have any cracks or fractures.

5.3. If old parts are returned with cracks in their casings/housings or drive shafts or differences in current ratings (amperage)/performance, the deposit cannot be reimbursed.

5.4. Examples of core parts are:

- servo pumps
- steering gearboxes
- starters
- alternators
- brake callipers
- drive shafts
- fuel injectors
- high-pressure pumps
- batteries

6. Shipping and delivery

6.1. Shipping to the United Kingdom:

The shipping cost for orders below £ 240,00 is £ 8,45. We offer free shipping if the order value exceeds £ 240,00 (except for delivery abroad and special types of parcels – bulky items, core parts, and tyres).

You will not be charged any additional transaction fees when using payment methods such as PayPal or credit card.


Isle of Man (GB) £ 15,00
Jersey (GB) £ 15,00
Guernsey (GB) £ 15,00

Shipping to other countries:

The shipping costs for delivery to other countries listed below are valid regardless of the order value and must be paid accordingly.

United Kingdom
Austria 8,76 £
Belgium 8,76 £
Bulgaria 8,66 £
Czech Republic 7,91 £
Denmark 8,97 £
Estonia 9,64 £
Faroe Islands (DK) 17,59 £
Finland 8,76 £
France 8,76 £
Germany 6,12 £
Greece 8,76 £
Hungary 6,76 £
Ireland 15,80 £
Italy 8,76 £
Latvia 8,76 £
Lithuania 8,76 £
Luxembourg 8,76 £
Netherlands 8,76 £
Norway 16,35 £
Poland 5,72 £
Portugal 8,76 £
Romania 8,51 £
Slovakia 8,76 £
Slovenia 8,76 £
Spain 8,76 £
Sweden 7,40 £
Switzerland 19,12 £

We ship from locations within the European Union.

Bulky item surcharge:

The following spare parts are considered bulky items:
batteries, catalytic converters, manifolds, silencers, racing exhaust silencers, thresholds, wings, fuel tanks, spoilers, side panels, trailer couplings (hitches), front cowlings, engine covers, bonnets, engine compartment insulation, and bumpers.

Delivery of bulky goods to the United Kingdom is not possible!

Delivery of bulky goods within Germany:
1) The shipping cost of manifolds, catalytic converters, silencers, or racing exhaust silencers will incur a bulky item surcharge of £ 4,40
2) The shipping of batteries, fenders, thresholds, fuel tanks, side panels, spoilers, and bumpers will incur a bulky item surcharge of £ 8,81
3) The shipping of front cowlings, trailer couplings (hitches), engine covers, bonnets, and bumpers within Germany will incur a bulky item surcharge of £ 13,21.

Additionally shipping costs for bulky items in other countries:
Austria: £ 23,73
Belgium: £ 23,73
Bulgaria: £ 89,81
Czech Republic: £ 18,45
Denmark: £ 74,84
Estonia: £ 84,48
Finland: £ 27,25
France: £ 32,53
Greece: £ 124,11
Hungary: £ 77,48
Italy: £ 41,34
Latvia: £ 85,36
Lithuania: £ 85,36
Luxembourg: £ 23,73
Netherlands: £ 23,73
Poland: £ 50,19
Portugal: £ 98,57
Romania: £ 91,57
Slovakia: £ 27,25
Slovenia: £ 79,20
Spain: £ 96,81
Sweden: £ 86,29
Switzerland: £ 23,73

The bulky item surcharge applies per item.

Note: Shipment of bulky goods to countries not indicated in this list is not possible.

All prices indicated are subject to VAT at the current rate of 20%.

Delivery times:

In stock

The item is available. Items with this availability status are sent within 1-2 working days after the receipt of payment.

Currently not in stock

This item cannot be ordered. It is no longer available or has been discontinued. You can order a similar item from a different manufacturer.

The delivery time depends on the availability of the product. Please check the availability status of the product you are interested in.

You can find information on possible customs charges here. Please note that for orders exceeding £ 135 in value, customs duties may be payable by you.

There is no delivery on public holidays. Tyres are not shipped to Scotland.

6.2. Additional “Safe Order” option

With the additional “Safe Order” option you have the possibility of extending the standard right of cancellation. For the low-cost payment of £ 3,45 per order, we offer you a full refund and free return shipment within the first 100 days without you being required to give a reason. The standard right of cancellation should be referred to with regard to the processing. This option, insofar as it is offered, is available at the last stage of the ordering process. It is valid only if the product is in its original condition, is not damaged and has not been mounted. Please note that your statutory right of cancellation is neither replaced nor affected by the "Safe Order" option.

Requirements for returns using the “Safe Order” option:

- Please make the product return request in your personal account on, or contact our customer support.
- Send us the item in its original package with the invoice enclosed
- Spare parts should be unused, undamaged, and unmounted.

The Safe Order option is only valid for one return per order.

Once we receive the spare part back from you, it will be thoroughly examined. If the car part meets the above-mentioned requirements, we will replace the part with another one or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

Please note:

The conditions of the Safe Order option do not apply to bulky items, old core parts, or tyres. In addition, the conditions of the Safe Order option do not apply to products from other orders for which this option was not selected.

7. Transfer of transport risk – the following applies to business customers:

The risk of accidental destruction and deterioration of goods during delivery transfers to you as soon as the goods have been handed over to the person responsible for transporting them or when the goods have left our warehouses for shipping purposes. The earliest occurring event is the deciding event.

8. Accepting the goods/transport damage

8.1. We use parcel services to ship your order, among other methods. Should a consignment of goods you receive be damaged, please proceed as follows: If possible, complain about the damaged goods to the parcel service employee directly and document the degree and extent of the damage. This will neither restrict nor affect your guarantee rights.

8.2. You can also refuse to accept damaged goods. If the goods delivered are damaged, please contact us by telephone, email, or personally at the aforementioned addresses. You will thus help us to enforce our claims against the parcel service and improve our service to you at the same time.

9. Prices and payment methods

9.1. We offer you various methods for paying for the goods purchased. You can find the specific payment methods on the relevant product page.

9.2. All prices in our online shop are given in GBP and include the statutory value added tax (VAT). All our prices are ex-warehouse and include packaging but exclude all shipping costs and any COD costs.

9.3. The price of the goods is valid at the moment the order is placed and is shown in the order confirmation that you receive by email after you place the order. If items are saved in the shopping basket, their total price is updated to the latest daily price during the ordering process.

9.4. For purchase contracts between you and us, the total payable price – including shipping costs – is due immediately. You agree to receive the invoice solely in electronic form.


9.5.1. Credit card:
After you have chosen credit card as payment method, please click on “confirm order”. After this you will be redirected to a secure page where you can select your credit card type. Finally, you have to enter the correct card information and to confirm the payment. Your card will be charged after your order has been completed.

9.5.2. Pay Pal:
After you place the order, you will be redirected to the PayPal sign-in page. Please sign in and make the payment. To pay by means of PayPal you need to have a PayPal account. There are no additional charges in connection with this.

9.6. Please note that in the interests of secure payment, the necessary identity documents, information on your account/credit card and a comparison of the delivery address may be requested. This is done solely for your security. The data are sent via a secure connection and are not passed to third parties. In such cases, the processing time of an order may take longer. If the information requested is not provided, the order will be cancelled and the costs for the order will be reimbursed in the same currency you selected when placing the order. In such a case, the goods will not be shipped and the offer made by you will be deemed to have been declined.

10. Arrears/right of retention

10.1. If you are in arrears with a payment, we reserve the right to invoice you for any necessary charges for any reminders we need to send unless you can prove to us that we have not incurred any costs for the reminders whatsoever or that these costs are considerably lower than the reminder costs we have claimed. Each reminder costs EUR 2.50. If the reminder is not required in accordance with Section 286, Subsection 2, of the German Civil Code, you will incur no costs for the first reminder.

10.2. In cases where consumers are in arrears, we will also be entitled to claim interest of five (5) percentage points – and for business customers nine (9) percentage points – over the applicable base interest rate.

10.3. Claiming further damages due to arrears will not be ruled out by claiming reminder fees and/or interest receivable.

10.4. You may offset claims pending against us or assert right of retention only if your counterclaim is undisputed, if legally-recognised title exists or if the counterclaim is in a synallagmatic relationship to the claim in question.

11. Retention of title

11.1. To secure our purchase price claims against you, we retain title to all goods delivered to you until the purchase price has been paid in full.

11.2. You are obliged to treat the goods subject to retention of title with care.

11.3. Before the secured claims are paid in full, the goods subject to retention of title may be neither pledged to third parties nor assigned for purposes of security. You are required to inform us in writing immediately if and when third parties gain access to goods belonging to us.

11.4. If you are a business customer, the following will also apply to you:

11.4.1. We retain title to all delivered goods until full payment of all our current and future claims arising from the purchase contract and ongoing business relationships with you has been made ("secured claims").

11.4.2. If the realisable value of our securities exceeds the secured claims by more than 10%, we will be obliged to release the securities at your request. The choice of securities to be released will be made by us.

11.4.3. Any processing or alteration you carry out on the goods supplied is always on our behalf. If the goods supplied are processed with other items not belonging to us, we will acquire joint ownership of the new item to the value of the goods delivered (final invoice amount including VAT.) as a percentage of the value of the processed items at the time of processing. The new item that comes into being as a result of processing will also be subject to the same conditions as for goods supplied under reservation.

11.4.4. If the goods supplied are inseparably mixed with other items not belonging to us, we will acquire ownership of the new item to the value of the goods supplied (final invoice amount including VAT) as a percentage of the value of the other mixed items at the time of mixing. If mixing is carried out in such a way that your item is to be regarded as the main item, it is deemed to have been agreed that you will transfer proportional ownership to us. You will store the resulting sole or joint property on our behalf.

12. Term, blocking, and termination of the account

12.1. The contract for account registration is concluded for an indefinite period.

12.2. You may terminate the contract for account registration at any time without notice.

12.3. We may duly terminate the contract for account registration with two weeks' notice.

12.4. The right to terminate the account with good reason remains unaffected. In particular, we may terminate the contract for account registration without notice if:
- you provide incorrect or incomplete details at registration
- you repeatedly breach other contractual obligations and continue to breach them in spite of being called upon by us to refrain from doing so;

12.5. If we have terminated the contract, you will not be entitled to create a new account again, including under another name or designation.

12.6. All notice of termination must be given in writing. Terminations by email are considered as being given in writing.

13. Warranties

13.1. Unless otherwise stipulated below, your rights in cases of material defects and defects of title are covered by the provisions of the law.

13.2. Warranty rights for new items expire for consumers within two years. In the case of used items, they will expire within one year following the transfer of risk.

13.3. If a warranty claim is submitted, you will be entitled to choose to assert your right to have the defect remedied or to have defect-free goods delivered (subsequent performance). If the manner of subsequent performance selected incurs disproportionately high costs, the claim will be restricted to the remaining type of subsequent performance. We will inform you of this as appropriate.

13.4. If you claim installation and/or dismantling costs with regard to the replacement at a garage of a new part supplied by us as a result of liability for material defects, we would ask you to submit the original invoices, receipts etc., as the garage services will be reimbursed by us if the warranty claim is accepted. Please make sure that the invoice only shows work that is directly connected with remedying the defect (i.e. no external services on the invoice). Furthermore, the cost of labour should show a breakdown of the number of hours worked.

13.5. In the case of business customers, liability for defects for used items is ruled out. This will not apply to gross negligence or intent. For new items, warranty rights will expire within a year following transfer of risk.

13.6. Purely for the purposes of clarity, we wish to point out that the following circumstances do not justify or constitute material defects if they are the cause of the defect:

- natural wear and tear;
- improper use;
- inadequate or incorrect care of the goods;
- unsuitable or improper use;
- incorrect installation, in particular if the part ordered is clearly not the right one;
- failure to observe instructions for use;
- incorrect treatment/handling.

14. Checking the accuracy of fit

We wish to point out that, despite all due care, incorrect deliveries may occur in individual cases. Before installing a part you have bought, you are therefore obliged to check it visually by comparing it with the original part being replaced as to whether the part ordered is actually suitable for your car, for example whether drill-holes and connections match. If the part you have bought differs in dimensions, shape or material/s from the original part being replaced, please contact us for further clarification before the part you have bought is installed, adapted or modified, e.g. painted. Your warranty rights will not be affected by this provision.

15. Manufacturer's guarantee

If there is a separate manufacturer's guarantee to which you may have recourse along with the warranty, this will be shown in each product description. This guarantee applies only to the specific product and your claims will be based on the guarantee conditions of the manufacturer and addressed to this manufacturer only.

16. Liability of the vendor for damages

16.1. We will be liable without restriction for intent, gross negligence and in cases of harm to life, limb, or health.

16.2. In cases of minor negligence, we will be liable in cases where an essential contractual obligation has been breached. An essential contractual obligation within the meaning of this subparagraph is an obligation whose fulfilment enables the performance of this contract at all and on whose fulfilment the contractual partner may therefore regularly rely.

16.3. In the event of subparagraph 16.2 above, we will not be liable for any lack of commercial success, loss of profits, or indirect damage.

16.4. Liability in accordance with subparagraph 16.2 above is limited to typical damage foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded.

16.5. The liability restrictions apply in the favour of our employees, representatives, and vicarious agents correspondingly.

16.6. Any liability for guarantees given by us and for claims based on the German Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

16.7. Otherwise, any other liability on our part is ruled out.

17. Online dispute resolution: information in accordance with section 14 (1), Regulation 2013/524/EU on consumer ODR

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR), which can be found at Our company is fundamentally neither prepared nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration body.

18. Consumer arbitration: information in accordance with section 36 of the German Consumer Disputes Resolution Act

18.1. We do not take part in dispute resolution proceedings before consumer arbitration bodies. At the same time, the legal situation requires us to inform you of a consumer arbitration body that is responsible for you:

18.2. Allgemeine Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle des Zentrums für Schlichtung e.V., (General Consumer Conciliation Board of the Registered Association Centre for Conciliation), Strassburger Strasse 8, 77694 Kehl am Rhein, telephone: 07851 / 795 79 40, fax: 07851 / 795 79 41, email: [email protected], website:

19. Final provisions

19.1. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the provisions of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods. This does not apply to consumers with regard to those provisions compulsorily applicable in law which would be applicable without this clause, i.e. usually of the country in which consumers have their principal residence, and from which no deviations may be made by agreement.

19.2. The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or associated with this agreement is Berlin, provided the parties to this agreement are merchants or have no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or another EU member state, or have transferred their residence abroad after these terms of use came into force or whose residence or habitual abode is unknown when legal action is brought.

19.3. We are entitled to amend or adapt these conditions during the term of this contract with effect for the future if this becomes necessary for a compulsory reason such as court decisions or legislative amendments. We will send you the amended terms and conditions in writing before the date the planned date of their entry into force and will in particular point out the new provisions and the date they enter into force. At the same time, we will grant you an appropriate period of at least four (4) weeks to declare whether you accept the amended terms of use for your continued use of our services. If no declaration is made within this period, which will commence with your receipt of the message in writing, the amended terms and conditions will be deemed to have been agreed. We will inform you separately of this legal consequence when the period begins, i.e. of the right to object, the period for objection, and the significance of your silence. This amendment mechanism does not apply to amendments to the parties' main contractual service obligations.

19.4. The legal invalidity of individual provisions does not affect the binding nature of the remaining clauses.

19.5. The language of this contract is German.

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