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The starter or starter motor is a so-called auxiliary power unit, which is necessary for starting an internal combustion engine. Currently, four different versions of starters are being installed in cars. It depends on the cubic capacity and kind of fuel necessary for the engine.

The gear-reduction starter

In cars, the so-called gear-reduction starter is installed almost exclusively. It consists of a starter pinion that engages and spins a flywheel which in turn starts the engine. The starter is usually a DC motor, rarely a series wound motor. This is despite the fact that the series wound motor can easily overcome the breakaway force of the vehicle's engine due to its maximum torque at start.

The auxiliary supply of the car is influenced by the energy requirements of the starter. The starter curve is essentially determined by the internal resistance of the starter battery and the current consumption of the starter. Compared to other electric motors, there is no stator winding, but a permanent magnet in the starter. The magnet is glued on the housing of the starter or attached by brackets. The advantage of the gear-reduction starter is that these starters are much smaller and thus cheaper to produce.

For cars with large cubic capacity, inertial starters are installed, while for vehicles with diesel engines compressed air starters are utilized. Hybrid cars however are started with a crankshaft start generator.

How does the gear-reduction starter work?

When the car is being started, the ignition switch gives the command to start the engine through terminal 50. By tightening the magnetic switch that is bolted on, the anchor is moved directly to the flywheel of the engine of the car. The two main contacts are closed, whereby the starter gets energy and starts to rotate. Should the motor start to turn fast, as is the case with the engaged starter, the starter will be protected from high speeds because the flywheel will disengage at this point.

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