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The stabilizer is a spring, located under the chassis and counteracts the movement of the vehicle. This improves driving dynamics. The task of the stabilizer is to push the outside of the vehicle down, so that the outside wheel carries more weight in the curve. At the same time the stress on the inside wheel in the curve is relieved and the load on the spring is reduced. The risk of tipping is reduced thanks to the stabilizer, which is however at the expense of the outer wheels in a curve. There is a limit on the amount of force the outer wheels can handle in a curve.

Stabilizer for weight distribution

Both wheels of one axle are connected with a torsion bar spring or built into the suspension as a u-shape via the stabilizer, which affects one-sided movement. The axis with the stronger stabilizer encounters the limits of its transferable cornering forces faster, assuming the same weight distribution between the front and rear axle and the same tires. Under adverse conditions for a balanced cornering ability, such as an uneven weight distribution or refitting of wider tires, a stronger stabilizer will ensure balance and prevent tipping. Stabilizers on one axle only have an affect on compression and decompression on one side.

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