Core exchange

Core exchange – is a determination of goods with hypothecation value (a generator, for example) that you need to pay. After you receive the сore exchange, send us the part with a defect and indicate your bank account details. Goods’ hypothecation value will be transferred to this bank account.

Please note: the old spare parts are shipped to us at the customer's expence!

Please, make sure that there are no fluids in brake calipers, steering gear with servo drive and in steering wheel servo pump. Old parts must be in the original package and subject to recovery. Moreover, no cracks are admitted.

When you send the old spare parts that have a crack, the propeller shaft break or difference in amperage / power, compensation of the pledge can not be paid.

Postal address:

Autodoc GmbH (Retoure - Lager R)
Rhinstraße 132
12681 Berlin

Replaceable goods:
- Steering wheel servo pump
- Steering gear
- Starter
- Generator
- Brake caliper
- Drive shaft
- Nozzle
- High-pressure pump
- Battery - Hotline und - Hotline und Support.
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