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Car engines are reliant on a system of water or air cooling, because even small cars are equipped with a powerful engine, which causes high temperatures during operation. The circuit through which the cooling liquid passes, is ensured by the cooling water hoses. Due to the fact that this reaches very high temperatures it must be heat resistant.

Function of the cooling water hoses

Cooling water hoses are made of elastic materials because of the prevailing lack of space within the engine hood. Manufacturers select here usually a special rubber compound or plastic. In addition, they will also be reinforced with fabric inserts of fiberglass or metal fibers. The individual junctions of the coolant hoses that are attached to the units are additionally secured with clamps. Only if everything is securely closed and sealed, the cooling system can function properly.

A defect in the cooling water hoses is often noticed very late. If the coolant level decrease rapidly, it is advisable to check both the coolant hoses and the radiator. Cracked coolant hoses can be replaced by the single factory replacement parts that are constructed just as the original parts in this category. If you wait too long to replace, at temperatures above 120 degrees must reckon a possible total loss in the form of piston seizure. To avoid further costs you now have the ability to order appropriate coolant hoses affordable online.

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