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Due to the fact that high temperatures damage the engine, every car has a so-called water cooler or a special cooling system. Above all, the modern engines, such as four-strokes are cooled with a water cooler so that the temperature can be kept as low as possible.

The function of the radiator

In the radiator is used a mixture of distilled water and antifreeze.

The radiator is located on most vehicles on the front between the headlights and is usually made of aluminum.

This is, of course, not without reason. Placed between the headlights of a car, the refrigerant is cooled by the wind. The water mixture is led from the radiator with a pump through hoses to the engine block and the cylinder head. The pump can operate either electrically or but mechanically. Once the air flow is too low to cool the water cooler, the fan built behind cooling system starts. When the radiator is defect, this will be indicated on the car dashboard through a too high temperature of the engine. For this purpose, for example, leakages occur in the individual conduit pipe, defects in the cooling fins or the boiling of the cooling water by a too high temperature. In this section you will find the radiator as factory replacement parts which do not differ from the originals.

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