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At the steering of the car many car parts are in motion. The entire steering system is affected up to the wheels. So all the parts of the steering as well the steering axis are in continuous use, which also applies to the so-called power steering of the power steering. The power steering pump, which is also dubbed as hydraulic pump in the steering of the car has the task that the power transmission of the power steering works, for which the hydraulic oil must be in circulation.

Power Steering Pumps - versatile and important

The term power steering pump summarizes several parts. These are all from needs, so that sufficient oil is present and this can only flow if it is necessary. This includes the reservoir for the oil, the tube and the corresponding pressure conduit, the hydraulic cylinders, the drive in the form of an electric motor, the servo-valve which opens and closes the conduits as well as other small parts. The individual gaskets and simmerings are among the wear parts of the power steering pump that must be replaced from time to time. A defect of the power-steering pump or at the individual parts of the pump makes noticeable for example through the loss of hydraulic oil.

In this section you will find many factory replacement parts of the various parts of a power steering pump for different car models, so you can order them easily and affordable online.

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