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The British marque has always been passionate about developing small sports cars and has proven talent in this field. MG is an abbreviation for Morris Garages – a brand name that later passed into the hands of Rover and then a Chinese corporation. Along with sporty limousines and coupés, roadsters in particular shaped its success. Its achievements in motorsports gave the brand its breakthrough and made it known internationally. Production stopped for a time after Rover MG went bankrupt in 2005, but the current owners managed to turn the marque’s fortunes around and with the MG ZS EV, a true classic has gone electric. To get spare parts for your MG, you can contact us directly.

Older MG models in particular need regular spare parts replacement to stay active and reliable on the road. Long-term wear, accidents and similar impacts are possible reasons your vehicle might need new components. In our online shop, you’ll find car parts for your MG of the same quality as the originals. From the comfort of your own home you can browse through our range and access our comprehensive catalogue. Here you’ll find plenty of offers at attractive prices as well as car parts to fit your MG. - Hotline und - Hotline und Support.
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