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You can guess the origin of this marque by its name. In the beginning, part of the automobile manufacturer Rover produced the Land Rover especially for farming to stabilise the company’s value. Despite – or maybe because of – all its efforts and successes, the marque was sold, first to BMW and then to Ford, and finally has been merged with Jaguar since 2012. You might think the designers and engineers have taken only the best of their experience and used it to develop recent models like the Range Rover or Discovery; and you’d be right. They put their quest for innovation down to the “adventure gene” that’s apparent in themselves as well as the drivers. You can choose spare parts compatible with your Land Rover in our catalogue.

To buy car parts for your Land Rover, all you need is the desire to equip your vehicle with reliable components, an internet connection, and our online shop. You can look for the right parts and systems conveniently from home or on the go. Over the years, wear and external forces damage car parts of your Land Rover, so they should be checked regularly to prevent safety issues and further damage. As soon as the materials get too worn or start to malfunction, the faulty components have to be replaced. In our catalogue you’ll find compatible spare parts for your Land Rover to quickly get your vehicle on the road and off-road again. - Hotline und - Hotline und Support.
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