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Being a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles based in Italy, the marque Lancia is in the upmarket segment of the group. The once independent automobile manufacturer can look back on a successful tradition, including pioneering achievements like the first unibody design. To this day, the developers demonstrate a distinct affinity for design using unusual materials and body variants. The brand’s technological innovations have left their mark on rallying and these successes have been carried over into the commercial market. Although Lancia is currently being produced only in one model for the Italian market, the make still has many dedicated fans. You can get high-quality spare parts for your Lancia from us at any time in our online shop.

Some car parts of your Lancia fall victim to wear sooner or later, others might get damaged in accidents. You’ll get the right car parts for your Lancia that fit perfectly and live up to the high standards of the marque from us. From the comfort of your own home you can browse through our catalogue or look for specific parts using the search function. Our car parts for Lancia are sorted by model and year of manufacture and are excellent value for money. So your Lancia Ypsilon, Voyager, Flavia, or Thema will be ready for action again in no time. - Hotline und - Hotline und Support.
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