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The axial joint is part of the steering system and plays an extremely important role within this system. It has the function to support other components of the steering, without exerting a direct influence on the handling of the car. Since this is an individual effect, also the damage caused by the axial joint act only indirectly on the car.

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The axial joint has an important role within the steering. The task of this auto part is to keep the track. While the axial joint at a slow speed is not necessary, they have great advantage at a fast pace. Damage to the axial joint are usually noticed until very late and often only for defects in other components of the steering. However, once the axial joint is defective, it has more impact, so that damages cannot be avoided. So the damage is transferred after a very short time to the ball bearing and the bearing socket. Gradually, the steering of the car is spongy and the track is hard to keep. For this reason, a defective axial joint should be completely replaced. In this section you will get a wide selection of different axial joints, which can be ordered online at low prices.

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