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On the cylinder are two very important openings.

The exhaust valve is located at the lower end and the already burned fuel as exhaust gas that leads up to the exhaust system and the inlet valve at the top of the cylinder.

The inlet valve has the task to let in the optimum amount of mixture of air and fuel.

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While at the outlet valve are temperatures up to 1000 degrees and this must be specifically designed, the inlet valve has to endure less.

The mixture of air and fuel is supplied in a cold state. Because this mixture is then burned in the cylinder and heat is also formed during this process, at the inlet valve are also temperatures up to 550 degrees. In addition to high heat resistance, both valves must be able to expand, so it can be ensured that the opening and closing mechanism is continuously movable. The compression springs in the inlet valve ensure that the mixture can both flow in flow out. In addition, both the outlet and the inlet valve act simultaneously as sealing. The mechanism of the inlet valve is controlled by the camshaft. If the inlet valve have a defect that cannot be reset, it must be replaced with a new spare part. You can find them identical to the original part as factory replacement part in this section.

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