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The engine hood belongs to the car body of a car and is located usually on the front of the car. Through it the engine compartment is protected from moisture, dirt and other weather and environmental conditions. But the access of foreign objects can thus be prevented. In addition, the engine hood clearly belongs also to the design of the car.

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Most car hoods are made of steel and are therefore considered a durable car body part. However, the engine hood can break through different circumstances like accidents. While small stone debris, hailstorms and falling branches because car bumps, which can be solved, it can happen to stronger accidents that the engine hood cannot be closed. When this is the case or the hood is too warped, this leads to a high security risk. Thus, a defective engine hood can open while driving, so you as a driver will have no more view of the road. In addition, the engine compartment will no longer be well protected at a defective engine hood so that consequential damages are no rarity. In this case, the engine hood must be replaced urgently.

The individual car hoods in this category are manufactured identically to the original part as so-called factory replacement parts. So they fit perfectly to your car model and offer a world-class reliability.

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