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Seals have the task to keep the rooms locked so that they confident replacement prevent the exchange of different materials and various compounds.

A car has many different spaces, which are protected by seals, so that in any passenger car many different seals are used, but these are some of the typical wear parts.

Seals in the car - point of use and functions

Each car must be sealed in various places by seals. So the side doors are securely closed by seals to prevent moisture entering in the car interior and the car lights are protected also by seals. Also under the engine hood are installed numerous seals.

Because various oils, fuel, coolant and Co. may not be mixed or leak. Defective seals are usually exposed by the entry of dirt and moisture. Although in most cases occurs only a corrosion, the functions of the transmission and engine can also be affecting other seals, so that their own safety is at risk. Seals are damaged mainly by vibration or by the particularly intense heat inside the engine compartment. Due to the fact that through a defective seal severe damage is caused, such as drop out of cylinders, engine damage or leakage of oil, they should be replaced quickly. In this section you can order seals as factory replacement part affordably online.

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