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A flywheel has the tasks to help the crankshaft, to overcome dead centers and idle cycles on vehicles with less than four cylinders as well as to save the kinetic energy. The flywheel ensures at an increasing burden a lower and slower decrease of power of the automotive engine. A so-called two-mass flywheel further reduces of the torsional vibrations between the powertrain and the clutch of the vehicle.

Further tasks of the flywheel

The flywheel is about a round metal disc, which is fixed on one side to the crankshaft and on the other via the clutch to the vehicle engine. The flywheel is a part of the coupling, and it absorbs it.

The outside located and shrunk-on ring gear plays an important role. This is responsible for a proper start function.

Should this be damaged over the years, then either the starter pinion fails at the beginning of starting or it no longer starts.

In this case, the flywheel must be changed urgently. In this category you will find the flywheel from different manufacturers as factory replacement model, which means that it is completely identical to the original part. While lighter flywheels are suitable for sport cars and those engines, the heavy flywheels keeps the motor speed top even at a very high power-to-weight ratio.

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