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The various exhaust gases which come off while driving a car must be securely transported to the exhaust system of the car, so that it passes outwardly. For the transport of the gases the exhaust valve is responsible, so this is one of the most important car parts.

Exhaust valves - seat and function

The exhaust valve is used immediately after the combustion of the mixture of fuel and air. The exhaust gases are released through the outlet valve to the exhaust system. However, the exhaust gases are extremely hot, so that the exhaust valve must be designed for very high temperatures. The inlet valve of a car, however, differs from it since here arrives just the yet cool fuel. However, since the exhaust valve must transport the exact same amount of exhaust gases as fuel is admitted through the inlet valve, both valves must be perfectly matched. The outlet valve must therefore simultaneously drain exhaust gases when new fuel is admitted.

A defect in the exhaust valve is shown for example by light blue smoke that escapes from the exhaust system. Often, the exhaust valve is bent in such a situation. Thus, the interaction between inlet and outlet valve works optimally, a defective valve must be replaced directly. Replace this original part by an identical factory replacement part from this section, order this affordably online.

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