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The stories of the Dodge brothers and Henry Ford shared paths for a while, and so the resemblance between the first vehicle types is not surprising. The marque later joined the Fiat-Chrysler company and produced midsize cars, as well as trucks and buses. Because of the internal repositioning of Dodge, its model sub-brands, Dodge Ram, and Dodge Viper were separated. Sales in Europe were completely discontinued, even though dedicated dealers still import vehicles of this brand on their own initiative. That’s why you can still spot these impressive American muscle cars on the roads. You’ll find spare parts compatible with Dodge models such as the Journey, Avenger, Magnum, Charger and others in our online shop.

From the very first glance, the powerful design of this brand makes a strong impression. Sharp contours, fronts and details shape the striking character and promise the best for the inside. Because the spares of this car can be put under strain by high performance driving over the years, you should react in time and replace any worn components straight away. After all, not only your driving pleasure depends on fully functioning car parts, your life does. Using our handy search function you can find compatible products in our catalogue whenever you want and wherever you are. We always offer you the best value for money on car parts for your Dodge. - Hotline und - Hotline und Support.
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