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Despite its Romanian heritage, this automobile manufacturer now belongs to the major corporation Renault, which incorporates many more companies. The brand is evocative of Romania’s past when it was still a Roman province. Today they are marketed as non-luxury cars that offer great value for money; perfect for buyers with a strict budget who want a new car. Models include the Sandero, Logan, Duster, and Dokker. To keep the price down, there aren’t any bells and whistles or extravagant details. Instead, Dacia focuses on robust technology and solid fundamentals; but just because it’s less delicate doesn’t mean it’s immune to damage. A Dacia car needs spare parts just as much as any other vehicle.

So that you can order these parts directly and at any time, we offer a comprehensive catalogue on our online shop that you can access conveniently from home or on the go. Using the search function or by entering your part number, you’ll be able to find compatible car parts for your Dacia. High-quality components sorted by model and year of production are available at a fair price. This way you’ll get your car back in reliable condition in no time. Buying car parts for your Dacia from us means investing in your quality of life. - Hotline und - Hotline und Support.
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