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Coolant Tank for your vehicle

Fluid reservoirs guarantee in a car a minimum liquid level in various areas, such as for hydraulic fluids, brake fluids and cooling fluids.

The liquid levels in a car are affected by different technical and physical conditions, so they change every day, and thus must be checked regularly.

Tasks of the fluid reservoir

The individual fluid reservoirs in a car make sure that there is a minimum liquid level. The fluid reservoir for the cooling fluid is important for the temporary storage, because this changes its volume according to the individual motor temperature.

If cooling fluid leak through porous pipes, stocks in the fluid reservoir can fill up the minimum amount again. For the brake fluid is also a fluid reservoir. This compensate on low inventory with sufficient brake fluid. The brake fluid should be replaced every two years in the fluid reservoir. A fluid reservoir for the hydraulic fluid from brake booster and power steering is mainly used for the compensation of the loss through porous pipes and volume changes caused by temperature. The individual fluid reservoirs can be found in this section for different car models, so you can buy the individual products affordably online. The respective fluid reservoirs are produced as so-called factory replacement parts, which means that they are identical to the single original parts and differ in neither functionality nor quality.

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