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Control units found place everywhere where something needs to be regulated or controlled.

These are electronic devices that are used in many different areas of a car. The control units find their place in the electronic engine control and start inter alia on ignition of the car.

The control unit and its functions

A control unit is located in the engine compartment of modern cars and there makes various settings. Each control unit operates according to the so-called IPO principle: input, processing and output. For example a warning is outputted as soon as the engine is too hot. Other controllers are derived in such a situation directly corresponding to countermeasures. Because of the many functions the control unit

refers to a particularly important component which has the advantage of a long-term monitoring and stores occurring errors in the form of an error code. So the workshop has the option to read the error by a special device and then fix it. In the control device is a small computer which determines, among other things the actual condition of the engine, brakes and chassis and other equipment of the car.

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