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The actuation of the clutch in a motor vehicle can be done mechanically as well as hydraulically. The master cylinder in a vehicle belongs to the hydraulic system, such as the brake or the clutch in which the hydraulic power transmission is used. Through the master cylinder you have to press the clutch pedal or the brake pedal with a very small force.

What function does a master cylinder have?

A hydraulic system with a master cylinder and slave cylinder replaced a mechanical coupling and therefore the cable pull in this area. The master cylinder has the task to absorb the force, and to transmit this via the hydraulic line to the slave cylinder. So that the force may increase in the exchange, the master cylinder is smaller in comparison to the slave cylinder. A crunch when coupling or various difficulties in involvement the individual gears may indicate that the master cylinder is defect and must be urgently replaced. The pressure is the same anywhere for each pedal stand and extends directly from the master cylinder. If this property is no longer fit, it may be due to a defective master cylinder, which now needs to be replaced as soon as possible because you may get further damage to the clutch or the brake. Through the high-quality factory replacement parts in this category, you benefit a long lifetime and high functionality.

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